Guitarist, songwriter, composer. production house that provides music for live events, film scoring, multimedia projects.
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Live music options

Performing music in the Wilmington N.C. area for over 20 years. 

Here is a description of some of the more common groups I work with in a live setting. If you are looking for something specific this might serve as a guideline to help you choose the style and group appropriate for your event. 



Jazz guitar Solo - I can perform solo jazz guitar. I have up to 3 hours of solo guitar available. Mostly this repertoire is composed of Jazz ballads, and blues which work well for “light," entertainment, and or a more intimate setting.


Duos, Trios, Quartets - I can arrange any combination of guitar and ; bass, saxophone, trombones, trumpet, violin, another guitar or piano, vocals , drums and percussion. If you are expecting dancing, and the band to be more of a main act, I would recommend having a drummer additionally. My main repertoire consists of jazz standards, ballads, blues, and contemporary music. I am mostly used for events, dinner music, weddings/cocktail hours, live entertainment, festivals, and light entertainment for any kind of function.


More coming soon...

     It is always a pleasure to be part of such an important event, and we understand the complexity of planning a wedding. We can provide you with music for your main entertainment throughout the night, or the opening cocktail hour. We will provide you with the song of your choice for your first dance. If we do not know the song we can learn it for your event. All other requests we will surely try to meet as best as we can. We can offer you a list of songs that are fitted for such events and a part of our repertoire. We understand that music is very personal and  we want to fulfill your wishes as best we can. We have many years of experience in playing weddings so you can rest assure that our services will let you relax and enjoy the evening.