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Spring 2021 Online 

Classes are being taught through South Brunswick Community College. (Online Only) Email me, and let me know what class you would like. I will send you updates when and where  the classes will become available! - Thanks 



M8: Elements of Songwriting – We discuss and study the elements used in songwriting. The class is designed to give students as a general introduction to the techniques used to enhance your songwriter. Instructor Chris Luther.

M7: Lyric writing Study great songs and songwriters’ techniques. This class will focus solely on the literary part of songwriting and will include lessons on title searching, building sections and gathering ideas, sense-bound writing, metaphors, details and rhyming, point of view, story and form, and a whole bunch more. Students will learn techniques for developing lyrics and storytelling and give writers an opportunity to work on lyrics together, as well as to share work-in-progress in class.  Instructor Chris Luther.

M9: Introduction to Music PublishingLearn the mechanics of the music business, and how to safely publish your music to obtain revenue for your creative works.  An introduction to the publishing side of music, this class will include lessons on streams of publishing revenue, performance royalties, mechanical royalties and licenses, synchronizations, copyright registration, roles of publishers and record labels, as well as safe practice procedures for publishing your own music.  Instructor Chris Luther.

materials needed for the class
  • pens, pencils, highlighter
  • composition notebook
  • non necessary materials are listed in the syllabus
  • Facebook
more coming soon...
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