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Spring 2021 and it will be Online !

In Elements of Songwriting we examine the major parts of what goes into writing original music. We will study lyrics, melody, harmony, form, rhythm, and survey techniques used to enhance your songwriting. We will look at examples of music and lyrics, and discuss creative strategies for improvising, creating ideas and completing songs. The class will meet Mondays from 12-2 p.m. in Southport.

Our class covered so much ground that we decided to break it up and add other classes including Lyric writing, and a Publishing class. Read below for more information.


M8: Songwriting – This class will focus on the music part of songwriting, and will include lessons on melody, pitch, rhythm, harmony, and form. Students will learn techniques for developing musical ideas, and how to apply them into building sections including melody, harmony, and form.  The class tries to focus on the space of where lyric and music meet. It goes in all kinds of directions and is at the pace of the students. Your questions help move the class along, as we cover a lot of ground. You will master a framework for placing the elements of songwriting to fit with your lyrics in songwriting, as well as how to generate musical ideas for your songs.  Instructor Chris Luther.

M7: Lyric writing – Study great songs and songwriters’ techniques. This class will focus solely on the literary part of songwriting and will include lessons on title searching, building sections and gathering ideas, sense-bound writing, metaphors, details and rhyming, point of view, story and form, and a whole bunch more. Students will learn techniques for developing lyrics and storytelling and give writers an opportunity to work on lyrics together, as well as to share work-in-progress in class.  Instructor Chris Luther.

M9: Introduction to Music Publishing – Learn the mechanics of the music business, and how to safely publish your music to obtain revenue for your creative works.  An introduction to the publishing side of music, this class will include lessons on streams of publishing revenue, performance royalties, mechanical royalties and licenses, synchronizations, copyright registration, roles of publishers and record labels, as well as safe practice procedures for publishing your own music.  Instructor Chris Luther.

materials needed for the class
  • pens, pencils, highlighter
  • composition notebook
  • non necessary materials are listed in the syllabus
  • Facebook

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*Online registration is working today if you want to try it, but I would email Barbara because it is very complicated right now. 


From the Main BCC website ( go to "Continuing Education" and choose "registration" from the drop down menu. Then click on the word "online" in the second paragraph. On the next screen select "register and pay" on the right side of the screen.  Then enter the course number or course title.

The course should come up. Click submit at the bottom of the screen and it will take you to the credit card screen.  Those will look familiar to you.  Submit again when you are finished.

Barbara can also sign you up onsite at the Southport Center (701 N. Lord St.) if that would be easier.  There will be someone there from 8:30-5:00 Mon.-Thurs.

The class meets at 12 p.m on Mondays. Online registration is open July 15. You may also search the catalog under Songwriter. Contact Barbara McFall, for details on how to sign up. They are also doing in person registration at 704 N. Lord Street, Southport, NC 28461 .

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