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April Newsletter

New Music, Patreon and Bandcamp

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Here are the top things happening right now with CL Music.


  • Updates

  • My new single is here! "Rock n Roll Girlfriend", will be released 4/26/24.

  • Patreon

  • Bandcamp

Spring is here and we are working on releasing new music, videos and live sets for this year. Right now I am trying to build up my Bandcamp page. I like their model much better than the streaming services so please give me a follow and check out some of my music. I have updated a couple of pages on my website to make it easier to use. We are accepting bookings for Spring of 2024. If you know anyone who might be interested in live music please have them contact our team via email:

Music Release coming soon!

I will be releasing my next single on 4/26/24. Please listen and follow me on Bandcamp.

New Bandcamp Platform

Bandcamp is a platform for people who like to listen and help support independent music. You can listen to the songs for free (up to three streams) and or purchase the songs for your own account. It's a great place to discover new music and support independent artists. I will be posting a lot on this platform so please check out my profile.


I have been making videos for YouTube since 2007 and to be honest, they are just not cutting it. The songs, music and videos I work on take a lot of time and creativity and I just don't see YouTube making any kind of progress with the Music industry. So like many others I am moving to another system. Patreon is a subscription based platform that allows you access to my content through a tier system. The basic level is free. Higher levels give you access to more content. Please consider becoming a member.

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